Hot Dog Roller Grill Condiment Holder
Convenience Store and Gas Stations

Create your own plan-o-gram using standard accessories or custom made units. Choose from U-Stand or Flat 1-sided or 2-sided grids with several mounting options.  Stock color is Chrome. Our design team is ready to help you,  complete the free no obligation quote form or give us a call.

U-Stand Grid

Flat Grid

U-Stand grid or 24"L

Flat Grid 1 side or 2 side
Size: 24"L x 22"H
Larger grid sizes available, contact our Kansas Sales Dept.

Example of U-Stand 16"

Example of 1 side grid
L Tube Feet Mounts

Roller Grill Dispensing Rack

Example of U-Stand 24"

Example of 2 side grid
T Tube Feet Mounts

In Store Example
ZBar Hangers

In Store Example
ZBar Hangers



Mounting Options:

Flat Grid Foot Mount
1 Sided
Against a Wall or Counter

Flat Grid Foot Mount
2 Sided
Free Standing T Mount

Z Bar Wall Mount

Flat Grid Foot Mount
Under the Counter
Requires drill holes

ZBar Wall Mount Hangers
Requires drill holes
Grid hangs on 2 hangers and can be easily removed for cleaning

In Store Example
ZBar Hangers

In Store Example
L Tube Feet Mount





Wire Condiment Component Options:

tn2 bottl hdlr



Wire Bottle Shelf

2 slot Bottle Holder w/Bottom Standard 14 oz. (Upside Down 2 Deep; 2 Wide)

Bottle Holder w/Bottom Large 20 oz. Heinz (Upside Down 2 Deep; 1 Wide)

Bottle Holder w/Bottom Small 12 oz Heinz Relish (Upside Down 2 Deep; 1 Wide)

Wire Bottle Shelf for Upright Bottles

7.5" Basket

9" Basket

16" Basket

23" Basket

23" Confection Shelf (Gum and Candy Bars)

Nacho Chip Tray

Picture 014



Nacho Chip Bag

Napkin Holder

Basket Dividers (Adjustable - Insert where needed)

Small Packet Dividers (Adjustable - Insert where needed)

Utensil Holder